Roanoke River Road/Braddock Road Improvements Update – August 2012

Posted: August 17, 2012 at 9:45 am, Last Updated: August 17, 2012 at 3:16 pm

On Saturday, August 18, 2012, Roanoke River Road will partially reopen to vehicle traffic. There will be one lane turning in and one lane turning out. As drivers enter campus on Roanoke River Road, the left turn into Parking Lot K and the right turn onto Po River Lane (going toward Parking Lots L and A) will be closed. All traffic on Roanoke River Road will continue onto Patriot Circle. Roanoke River Road will be completely closed for night work as necessary.

Roanoke River Construction

In October, work on Braddock Road approaching Roanoke River Road in both directions will start. The Roanoke River Road/Braddock Road Improvements project is estimated to be completed in early December.

Alternate Directions

Expect heavy traffic and significant delays on Braddock Road. Drivers are strongly urged to find alternate access points to campus, including Mason Pond Drive off Rt. 123 (Ox Road), University Drive, and Shenandoah River Lane off Roberts Road and use alternate directions. Although detours using Nottoway River Lane off Braddock Road will be in place, traffic between Roberts Road and Rt. 123 (Ox Road) and to the east and west will still be disrupted. Eastbound traffic on Braddock Road is expected to back up significantly, so avoiding Braddock Road altogether is highly encouraged.

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Gravatar Image for mina hohlen mina hohlen writes:

It certainly would be nice if you would include maps to the other entrances for those of us who are largely unfamiliar with the GM campus. Or, at least your zipcode. Thanks.

Gravatar Image for Lori Yi Lori Yi writes:

Hello Mina,
The above map does include the closest alternate entrance, Nottoway River Lane. In future posts we will include the other 2 alternate entrances. Thank you for the suggestion.

Gravatar Image for Lorraine Lorraine writes:

Is there handicapped parking. My mother can only walk a very short distance?

Gravatar Image for Lori Yi Lori Yi writes:

Hello Lorraine,

Yes, George Mason University’s Fairfax Campus has several areas with handicapped parking. To view a map of parking, please click here and look for the blue icons. To park in most of these areas, you’ll need a parking permit or you may pay for visitor parking. Please call us at 703-993-1000 if you’d like specifics, so we may assist you in finding the best parking area for you and your mother.

Gravatar Image for kate kate writes:

When will map be updated? Given the beginning of the theater season (like tonight’s performance), the above map is useless to those of us unfamiliar with your campus as stated above.

Gravatar Image for Lori Yi Lori Yi writes:

Hello Kate,

I apologize for not having an updated map. We have improved our webpage and included an Alternate Entrance map along with a link to our Campus Maps and Directions page. Thank you for helping us become a better resource for those who are unfamiliar with the campus.

Gravatar Image for Risa Shimoda Risa Shimoda writes:

Hi, is the construction complete at this point? I’m attending a performance Sunday, 1/20. Thanks,

Gravatar Image for Lori Yi Lori Yi writes:

Yes, the construction is complete on Roanoke River Road. Construction on Braddock Road along the stretch past Roanoke will begin at the end of the month. Thank you for the question.


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