Johnson Center Renovation Update, March 2014

Posted: March 19, 2014 at 9:48 am, Last Updated: May 27, 2014 at 11:55 am

On March 7 the Johnson Center Renovations began. The outer ring of computers surrounding the Johnson Center Information Desk has been removed and temporary furniture now surrounds the desk. Additional work will take place in this area over the next few months including the addition of iPad kiosks. Other projects covered in the Johnson Center Renovation plan are on track with the timeline listed below:
  • Mid-February: Contractor for the JC 1st Floor, east side construction arrives on site
  • Around late March/early April: Contractor for the JC Elevator renovation work arrives on site
  • New Patriot Computer Store: construction should be completed by May 15 with the store opening May 22
  • Mid-May: Contractor work zone expands to the rest of the JC 1st floor and Ground Floor Bistro renovation
  • Late May/early June: The Convenience Store will be moved, encompassing the space previously occupied by Galleries 1-3.
  • Beginning of June: Contractor arrives for JC Ground Floor construction to change Jazzmans to Starbucks
  • Mid-June: Exterior Patio construction, adjacent to the new Panera, will be wrapped up
  • Mid-June: Contractor arrives on site for JC 1st Floor Panera construction
  • Mid-June: Contractor will wrap up on JC 1st Floor renovation
  • By late July/early August: Starbucks renovations should be wrapped up on the JC Ground Floor
  • The Bistro renovation should be wrapped up on JC Ground Floor and the eatery reopened on August 25
  • By mid/late-August: Panera should be wrapped up on JC 1st Floor
  • By end of August/early September: Renovations should be wrapped up with JC Elevator project
 For the latest information on the Johnson Center Renovations visit the Student Centers Website

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