Campus Impacts: Utility Distribution Project, August 8-21

Posted: August 3, 2017 at 9:08 am

As part of the Utility Distribution Project on the Fairfax Campus, work crews will dig holes to determine the depth of utility infrastructure from Tuesday, August 8 to Monday, August 21.

The work, called “test pitting”, consists of breaking the ground’s surface with a 12-inch by 12-inch hole in concrete, sidewalks, grass, pavers, and asphalt paving, then using a vacuum truck or portable vacuum to pull out soil to access existing underground utility to determine the depth of the utility. When that work is complete, the hole will be back-filled and surface conditions restored.

Most holes will take about an hour and there are about 100 locations on the Fairfax Campus in various locations. Some may take longer and will remain covered with steel plating as additional testing is completed.

Tuesday, August 8-Wednesday, August 9:
From the traffic circle near the Mason Pond Parking Deck and the Johnson Center, along North Plaza and extending to Southside Plaza.

Thursday, August 10:
Near the intersection of Mason Pond Drive and Patriot Circle towards Eagle Bank Arena.

Friday, August 11-Monday, August 14:
Along Finley Parking Lot and Aquia Creek Lane.

Tuesday, August 15-Wednesday, August 16:
From the Facilities area, across Patriot Circle, along Rappahanock River Lane to behind Southside and across to Commonwealth Hall.

Thursday, August 17:
From Lecture Hall, along the walkway in front of Fenwick to the clock tower and in the grassy area closest to Robinson A near SUB I.

Thursday, August 17-Monday, August 21:
Along James Buchanan Hall and its parking lot, in front of Music/Theater Building behind the Holton Plaza, along College Hall, across Mattaponi River Lane, behind the Johnson Center’s south plaza, up the hill and along the east plaza area from Enterprise Hall to the clock tower.

All schedules may change and are weather dependent.

Information on all these projects will be updated at

For questions, contact Cathy Pinksey at or 703-993-2610.

Write to Philip Stamper at

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